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The social scientist Dr. Christine Scheidegger

I am a Swiss social scientist with a particular interest in gender and gender inequality. I had the privilege to do PhD and postdoc research on gender equality in Switzerland and in a large number of countries on all continents. I enjoyed a broad interdisciplinary education from several universities and travelled internationally for research. I love cleaning and analysing data, collaborating with diverse partners, sharing knowledge and skills and advance knowledge and people. I am open for interesting, paid projects.

The archery partner Christine Scheidegger

I launched my own start-up (www.bogenstunden.ch) to provide archery classes for everyone independent of an archery club. Besides that, I am a youth and sport trainer in an archery club in Bern.

The sexism specialist Christine Scheidegger

I published a book on everyday sexism (Sexistische Botschaften) in German-speaking countries. I give workshops for groups and organisations interested to happily avoid and resist everyday sexism. This autumn I guided a couple of school classes through the exhibition "Ich säg was lauft" (prevention of sexual violence in young couples).

The web person/techy Christine Scheidegger

I am fond of social innovation and open source community methods. I work in the multilingual, agile and entrepreneurial environment of the coworking space urbanfish. My specialty is to support people to reach cool, non-discriminating websites, products and services. I test products, services and websites and provide consultancy on gender sensitive appearance. Do you want to build and administer your personal website? I help you along.

The support person Dr. Christine Scheidegger

Do you need a partner to bring your BA-/MA-/PhD-thesis to a good end and have fun along the way? I am not writing your work. You will present. I can train and motivate you. You can get feedback on all critical areas you decide to have feedback. I am not afraid of challenging cases or conditions, such as difficult relations between professor and student, hot topics, psychic obstacles, transgressing behavior in working environments, challenging methods or limited access to research subjects and information. "Easier" cases are welcome as well. I have a lot of experiences to consult, teach and negotiate internationally. Networking and mentoring are my second nature. That might become handy, when my profound methodological skills do not match your demands.

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Latest Publications

Book chapter in Auth, Diana, Hergenhan, Jutta and Barbara Holland-Cunz (eds.), 2017: Gender and Family in European Economic Policy. Developments in the New Millennium. Palgrave, Basingstoke. ISBN: 978-3-319-41512-3. Our articles sorts through reasons for the (non-)increase of women's political representation in Europe in the last 15 years.

Sexistische Botschaften in Sprache, Text, Bild, Werbung und Film. eFeF-Verlag, Wettingen. ISBN: 978-3-905561-91-3. It deals with sexism in German-speaking countries and measures against sexism. Authors are: Dominique Grisard, Andrea Maihofer, Martina Leonarz, Maya Götz, Thea Rytz, Manfred Pfiffner, Elisabeth Joris and Christine Scheidegger.

Research Interests

Comparative Politics, Switzerland, Gender and Politics, Feminist Theory, Intersectionality, Institutionalism, Sexisms

Public Service



Fuchs, Gesine and Christine Scheidegger: Political representation of women in Europe. What accounts for the increase in the 2000’s? (forthcoming 2017) In: Auth, Diana, Hergenhan, Jutta and Barbara Holland-Cunz (eds.), 2017: Gender and Family in European Economic Policy. Developments in the New Millennium. Palgrave, Basingstoke. ISBN: 978-3-319-41512-3. More information

Scheidegger Christine (ed.) 2016: Sexistische Botschaften in Sprache, Text, Bild, Werbung und Film. eFeF-Verlag, Wettingen. ISBN: 978-3-905561-91-3.

Scheidegger, Christine 2016: Sexistische Botschaften in Texten. In: Scheidegger, Christine (ed.), 2016: Sexistische Botschaften in Sprache, Text, Bild, Werbung und Film. eFeF-Verlag, Wettingen.

Scheidegger, Christine 2015: Institutional Inspirations: Women’s Policy Agencies In Turkey And Its Neighbours. In: Dalaman, Zeynep Banu (2015): Women and politics in a global world. Küreselleşen dünyada kadin ve siyaset. conference proceedings. Aydin Üniversitesi, İstanbul, p. 73-95.

Scheidegger, Christine, 2014: Women’s Policy Agencies and Institutional Architecture in Comparison: Building Blocks for Equal Gender Relations, 2014. Committee: Prof. Daniele Caramani, PhD (St. Gallen), Prof. Dr. Birgit Sauer (Vienna) and Prof. Elisabeth Prügl, PhD (Geneva). Dissertation, University of St. Gallen. Bamberg: Difo-Druck. Printed copy under christine.scheidegger@gmx.ch. Available at EDIS as electronical doctoral thesis.

Scheidegger, Christine, 2008: Rahmenbedingungen für die Entstehung und Weiterexistenz von kantonalen Fachstellen für Gleichstellung zwischen 1990 und 2005. Ein Quervergleich. Lizentiatsarbeit Politologie Bern, printed by Uniprint, Fribourg. Also available online.

Non-Academic Publications (selection)

Scheidegger, Christine, 2016: Sexistische Botschaften. Bulletin Frauenzentrale Zürich 1/2016, p. 11. (read online)

Scheidegger, Christine, 2014: Sexuelle Belästigung an Amerikanischen Unis: Title IX, Kalifornien, Umsetzungsmassnahmen und verantwortungsvolle Männer. FemInfo 38 (December), rubric side glance science politics. (read online)

Scheidegger, Christine 2014: Gleichstellungsbüros weltweit. FemInfo 35 (March), p. 34. (read online)

Scheidegger, Christine 2009: Institutionalisierung der kantonalen Gleichstellungsbüros in der Schweiz 1990‒2006. NGO-Koordination post Beijing Schweiz. Circular no. 2 (October), p. 8‒9. (read online)




2014-2016Postdoc Bern. Free-standing scientist. Inter alias in urbanfish.
2009-2014University St. Gallen, Switzerland. PhD Political Science in Doctoral Programme International Affairs and Political Economy (DIA).
2009-2012 Universities Berne & Fribourg, Switzerland. Member interdisciplinary graduate programme "Gender: Prescripts and Transcripts".
1999-2008 University Berne, Switzerland. BA and MA in Political Science (major) and Sociology (2nd minor).
During these studies:
  • 2002-2007 University Basel, Switzerland. Gender Studies (1st minor).
  • 2004 University Lund, Sweden. Exchange student in Political Science and Gender Studies.
1984-1999 Zofingen, Switzerland. Mandatory schools and college (science type).

Professional Experience

2016-presentFounder and CEO of the start-up www.bogenstunden.ch. Full service provider for archery (trainer service, facility and equipment) for individuals (individual lessons, therapeutic archery) and small groups up to 15 people (e.g. team events, courses, surprises and celebrations).
2017Exhibition guide for «Ich säg was lauft» for school classes (mandatory school, 7th & 8th class). Moderating discussions on sexual violence in early adulthood and first partnerships.
2014-2016 Independent social scientist in multilingual environment of urbanfish. Multifaceted counselling activities and numerous international and national projects (alone, bi- and multilateral cooperations).
2009-2013University St. Gallen, Switzerland. Institute of Political Science, assistant of Chair Comparative Politics, Prof. Daniele Caramani, PhD.
In this function:
  • 2010 - 2012 Teaching on doctoral- and BA level in English and German.
  • 2010 & 2011 Local organizer of the scientific conference of the European Consortium for Political Research, the ECPR Joint Session 04/2011, St. Gallen.
  • 2009 - 2011 Member of editorial office of Swiss Political Science Review. From finished manuscripts into print. Copy editing and negotiation with authors, editor, guest editor and publisher.
2005 University Bern, Switzerland. Centre for further academic education. Student assistant for statistical analysis of further education survey and substitute librarian for the library of further academic education.
2003 Canton Basel-Land, Switzerland. Equality office, placement. Evaluation and administrative duties.
2000-2001 Non-governmental organisation, Bern. Campaigning. Drafting texts and mobilisation of voluntary workers.
2000 Telecommunication firm (Cablecom, Bern). Project assistant. Drafting business process, statistical analysis, and administrative work.
1999 Mail order company (Cornelia Versand, St. Gallen). Operator. Administrative work.
1997-2008 Private teacher in mathematics, statistics, French and English.

IT Skills

Competent user of conventional office tools (e.g. Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Adobe PDF and txt)

Statistic Software: SPSS, QCA, STATA, R

Publishing and design: LaTeX, InDesign, Illustrator, Canva, Wordpress, Citavi


English, French, German (native language), Swedish (beginner)

Complete CV



I am a certified youth and sport trainer for archery (J+S Trainer C).

City names
Places I travelled to during my research.

Post-Doctoral Work

In my post-doctoral work I further developed my earlier research to new areas (governmental systems, gender equality governance) and applied it to different sets of countries (Europe, Middle East, Switzerland). I work as a scientific consultant (e.g. evaluation, open government data strategy for Switzerland, sexual harassment and sexism). I organised an academic panel about methodological challenges of Western concepts in non-Western research context and initiated an atelier about the institutionalisation of gender studies in political science in Switzerland. I am counselling a number of students in getting their BA/MA/PhD works done in time. I provide feedback on research proposals and act as a reviewer for scientific journals.


PhD Thesis: Women’s Policy Agencies and Institutional Architecture in Comparison: Building Bricks for Equal Gender Relations

States employ particular administrative structures to deliver policies for women’s empowerment and promotion of gender equality. I developed several frameworks to facilitate international comparisons. On the level of single administrative structures I developed a classification of various forms of women’s policy agencies. On the level of whole states I developed a typology to compare institutional architecture in women’s empowerment and gender equality. I analysed 151 states to find patterns in gender equality architecture of states worldwide.

More information about my PhD thesis


Master Thesis: Swiss cantonal women's and gender equality offices

My Lizentiatsarbeit (~ master thesis) is about Swiss gender equality politics. The main body describes the (not-) history of all 26 cantonal women’s policy agencies between 1970 and 2005. Furthermore, it shows the development on the national and municipal level and explains institutional abolition or persistence of Swiss women's policy agencies.

More Information about my master thesis (in German)

Switzerland in comparison (updated version)


Conference Participation

Conference papers are available on academia.edu

Invited talks

Swiss social welfare system in general and public health in particular. Augustana College, Rock Island (Illinois). In the course Global Masculinities (Prof. Vicki Sommer, Ph.D.), September 4, 2014.

Changing gender inequalities in Switzerland. Augustana College, Rock Island (Illinois). In the course Comparative Social Welfare (Prof. Vicki Sommer, Ph.D.), September 4, 2014.

Permanent state engagement for women and gender equality: Key findings of a worldwide comparison. Augustana College, Rock Island (Illinois). In the course Public Administration (Visiting Assistant Professor Jason S. Plume, Ph.D.), September 5, 2014.